Enhancing the lives of seniors and caregivers

NU-HOPE provides services to seniors (ages 60+) who do not have the necessary support and assistance from other sources.

The life you want.

The care you need.

NU-HOPE strives to enhance the lives of seniors and caregivers residing in the community.

Helping seniors stay healthy & financially secure

NU-HOPE assists seniors in maintaining their independence and ability to remain safely in their own homes.


Empowering seniors to age in place

We work to prevent the unnecessary or premature placement of seniors in nursing homes or other institutions.

Advocating for seniors since 1975!

We work to protect the rights, sense of dignity and self-worth, and security of seniors.

Hurricane Season is officially here. Planning today can protect our safety, save money, and reduce stress during challenging times. 


NU-HOPE Elder Care Services, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated helping seniors to remain in their own homes and avoid/delay nursing home placement. We offer a variety of in-home, nutrition, and support services available at no-cost or for a low sliding-scale fee. Funding for our programs is obtained primarily through grants, fundraisers, and community donations.

We understand the importance of ‘home’ and the value of neighborhoods, friends and family. Through our services, thousands of seniors have received the assistance that they needed to safely remain in their own homes and stay connected to the communities they love.

For more information, please contact NU-HOPE at (863) 382-2134.

Agency Update

Join NU-HOPE in celebrating National Older Americans Month and Reconnecting

This year’s theme: Powered by Connection

Every May, American celebrate National Older Americans Month, a time to highlight the invaluable contributions our older residents have made to our community and to honor their wisdom, resilience, and vitality.

This year’s national theme, “Powered by Connection,” reminds us of the importance of interacting with others and the danger of social isolation. It is powerful, timely message. It matches NU-HOPE’s longstanding mission to help seniors to be independent and engaged members of their own communities. This theme also forms the basis of a new year-long initiative being led by NU-HOPE: Connect Together Now.

The Connect Together Now initiative is designed to call attention to the importance of meaningful connections.

It sounds simple- but so often we face barriers or silos that affect how we connect…things such as an inability access transportation, accomplish something that’s only available on line, communicate effectively, afford items or experiences, or even engage in things that reflect our culture or personal interests and needs.

For some, these barriers may be crushing, resulting in closing themselves off to others. For other, the impact can be more subtle, causing inefficiency, frustration, anger and a reduced ability to connect with the relationships, organizations, information and opportunities we need.

There are things we can do, however, to improve.

We can ensure that there are volunteer opportunities and low cost, and safe places that foster social connections- ones that are available and accessible to people of all ages and abilities. One important resource is the NU-HOPE Senior Meal and Activity Center. We can ensure that technology enhances, rather than replacing, our personal, business, and professional interactions. And we can work harder on establishing friendly, human connections.

So here’s to new connections. To being seen.  To being heard. To being just a little better. We know we can do it.  At least we are willing to try.  Will you join us?


Notice about Emergency Service Needs

Due to funding restrictions, NU-HOPE is unable to provide immediate and/or one-time-only assistance for most services to individuals not currently enrolled in a NU-HOPE program unless arranged through a special provision with Adult Protective Services.  Those requesting assistance must first undergo a pre-screening then are provided services based on priority scores and available funding. 


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