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Who is Eligible?

Primarily, all services provided through this organization are restricted to persons 60 years of age and older. However, there is an exception for persons under 60 needing respite care and who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. An initial telephone intake and a comprehensive in-home assessment of the consumer’s abilities and need for assistance determine both eligibility and priority for services.

How do I Apply?

You may apply for service by calling the Senior Connection Center at 1-800-336-2226. A request for service may be taken directly for the interested person or by referral for others in the community, such as relatives, pastors, social workers, or friends. At this time an initial telephone assessment will be conducted gathering the necessary information needed for eligibility.

What is the Cost?

The cost for receiving services varies, depending on the particular program that covers the services provided. Services funded through the Older Americans Act do not currently have a fee, although donations to the program are encouraged. Such donations assist us in expanding access to services and allow additional seniors to benefit.

Consumers enrolled in services through the Community Care for the Elderly and the Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative (Florida General Revenue funded programs) have a monthly co-payment, as mandated by the Florida Statutes. A fee is determined at the time of the in-home visit and comprehensive assessment and is based on income.