NU-HOPE changes lives every day

Each year, NU-HOPE Elder Care Services assists over 400 seniors to safely remain in their own homes and avoid/delay nursing home placement. These are your friends, your neighbors, and your family.

People such as…


NU-HOPE first met Jack in 2015. He was in his 70s, lived by himself, and had few local relatives. Jack frequently fell and was often weak due to cardiac problems. He had difficult preparing full, nutritious meals. As a result, he found himself becoming isolated, not eating well, and losing weight.

His monthly income also barely met his needs. At the end of the month, there were no funds the he could use to go places that would allow him to socialize with others

He confessed that he was very lonely. Both his health and satisfaction with life declined with each passing year. However, he was determined not to give up. His family wanted to help but didn’t know what to do.

Then they learned about NU-HOPE Elder Care Services and its meal program specifically for seniors who wanted to meet new people and enjoy healthy meals. They were surprised that transportation to the meal site was also available. It seemed like the perfect answer.

Jack was hesitant, as the idea of being around strangers was overwhelming. At first, he attended the meal site 3 days a week. He enjoyed the meals, the activities, and the opportunity to be with other seniors. As he developed new friendships, he increased the number of days that he attended each week.

However, Jack’s cardiac issues increased over time, making it difficult for him to safely prepare meals when he was not at the meal site. NU-HOPE was able to have meals delivered to Jack at his home, in addition to the meals he received at the senior dining site. This allowed him to have easy-to-prepare, nutritious meals at night and on the weekends.

Jack became major fan of the meal site, telling everyone he knew about how it had changed his life. He regained the weight he had previously lost and developed close relationships with others his age.

When asked how the meal program affected his life, his reply was simple: “NU-HOPE took my loneliness away from me.”


Dorothy was 70 year old woman who lived alone when she met NU-HOPE. She had a very low income and faced considerable challenges due to cardiac problems and diabetes. Her legs were weak and unsteady from neuropathy. She constantly worried about falling and relied on her walker to help her safely move.

Dorothy also worried about the declining state of her home. It was very old and in serious need of repairs and maintenance- things that she just could not afford. However, the idea of leaving the home she has lived in for so many years broke her heart.

She also wasn’t eating right. The pain in her legs made it difficult to stand to prepare meals. She didn’t have transportation to the store. When she could go, shopping exhausted her. The healthy food that her doctor wanted her to eat was too expensive. Instead, she often bought only food that was cheap and easy to fix. Even the personal care items she needed were often unaffordable.

Then Dorothy learned about NU-HOPE Elder Care Services.

Since Dorothy’s needs were complex, she was assigned a case manager who reviewed a variety of needs and issues. To address her nutritional needs, NU-HOPE was able to provide packages of frozen, healthy meals that were appropriate for her medical conditions. NU-HOPE also provided incontinence supplies and other personal care items, as the price of what she needed had increased well beyond her limited budget. NU-HOPE also provided an Emergency Alert Response pendant. If Dorothy fell, she could summon help by simply pushing a button.

Over the years, NU-HOPE also helped to make her home safer and more accessible. NU-HOPE provided Dorothy with handicapped toilet and sink in in her bathroom and coordinated with Senior Connection Center and other community partners to fix an area in the kitchen where a leaky pipe had caused her kitchen counters to grow mold and rot. Dorothy even received help with the payment of her electric bill through the Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program for the Elderly Program.

For Dorothy, knowing that she was not alone made all of the difference in how she felt about life. She had a case manager she could turn to when she needed help. She could enjoy each day without focusing on what she didn’t have and couldn’t afford. Most importantly, she could continue to live in her own home and remain part of the community she loved.

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