Additional Services


The Emergency Home Energy Assistance for the Elderly Program (EHEAP) assists low-income households that contain at least one person age 60 and older, when the households are experiencing a home energy emergency.

A home energy emergency may result from a delinquent utility bill, lack of fuel or wood, or the receipt of a shut off notice. Program beneficiaries may receive assistance in obtaining blankets, portable heaters, and fans and help pay for repairs to existing heating or cooling equipment or for re-connection fees. This program is income based and has funding limitations.

Home Care for the Elderly

The Home Care for the Elderly (HCE) program supports care for Floridians age 60 and older who are unable to live alone and who reside in family-type living arrangements within private homes, as an alternative to institutional or nursing home care.

Qualifying caregivers are provided a monthly stipend to help with the cost of caring for the elder. A special reimbursement payment may also be provided for some pre-approved services and/or supplies. This may include the cost of incontinence supplies, medications, medical supplies, wheelchairs, assistive devices, ramps and home accessibility modifications, nutritional supplements, home health aide, home nursing, and other services to help maintain the individual at home. Formal case management is provided when needed.


How do I Apply to EHEAP?

Please call NU-HOPE Elder Care Services at (863) 382-2134 for Highlands County. For Hardee County, please contact us at (863) 773-2022.

How do I apply to Home Care for the Elderly?

You may apply for service by calling the Senior Connection Center at 1-800-336-2226. A request for service may be taken directly for the interested person or by referral for others in the community, such as relatives, pastors, social workers, or friends. At this time an initial telephone assessment will be conducted gathering the necessary information needed for eligibility.