NU-HOPE Tree of Hope

You can spread love and joy to local seniors this holiday season. How? Become a giving-partner in the NU-HOPE Tree of Hope for Seniors project!

NU-HOPE Elder Care Services has identified a group of seniors who could use a little ‘extra cheer’ this holiday season. Each senior has been pre-screened and has limited social contacts or resources. Receiving a small token of caring from another will mean a great deal to them.

How can you help?

Stop by the NU-HOPE Administrative offices to select a card from the NU-HOPE Tree of Hope. The card has the senior’s age, gender, and gift idea. The NU-HOPE office is located at 3530 Office Park Road in Sebring- just behind the Dunkin Donuts.

Register your selection with the NU-HOPE receptionist so that we can track who is receiving gifts.

Obtain the gift using the gift request to guide your purchase, as this is what the senior has specifically indicated “would make their day!”

Label any gift(s) you submit with the client ID # indicated on the front of this card. This will ensure that your gift goes to the correct person.

Please bring your UNWRAPPED gift to the NU-HOPE Administrative Offices no later than Friday, December 16th.

NU-HOPE staff will ensure that the presents are delivered prior to the Christmas holidays- or as soon as possible, should extenuating circumstances cause a delay (such as a senior’s hospitalization.)

For more information, please contact NU-HOPE Elder Care Services at (863) 382-2134.

THANK YOU to everyone for helping to make these holidays brighter for a special member of our community!

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